wildfire in California

North San Francisco and Los Angeles are the areas most affected by fires throughout the state. More than 60 homes have already been lost, some of them luxury

California is burning from north to south in another hellish fall. In just six days of fires, more than 120 structures and 30,800 hectares have been lost , an area more than twice the size of San Francisco, hit by strong winds, intense heat, the absence of rain and a precarious electricity grid that could Be behind the new catastrophes. At the moment, 180,000 people remain evacuated throughout the State and thousands are without power.

The most powerful fire of the more than 10 that are still active, the one known as Kincade Fire in Sonoma, in the heart of the wine region north of San Francisco, has ended with 57 houses and 67 commercial structures while still advancing at high speed thanks to streaks of wind above 160 kilometers per hour.

Its size is monumental against the one that is hitting Los Angeles. However, the siege of the llamas to the neighborhoods of the rich and famous is attracting more attention than any other. The Getty fire, named for its proximity to one of the city’s most iconic museums, the Getty Center, has already burned eight houses and damaged another six in Brentwood, an area where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kristin Davis or Lebron James live , Los Angeles Lakers basketball star.

All of them realized the situation through their Twitter accounts. The actor and former governor of California, who lived for years with Maria Shriver and her children in a mansion in the area, asked his neighbors not to become heroes and respect evacuation orders , no matter how much fear they have to lose their Millionaire mansions. “Evacuated and safe at 3.30 in the morning. If you are in an evacuation zone, do not play dumb. I thank the best firefighters in the world,” he said.

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The case of James, who paid $ 23 million for his house in Brentwood, was a bit weirder for not being able to find a hotel with his family despite his immense fortune and contacts, driving around during the angelic dawn. “So far there has been no luck! He left written on social networks.

The millions and privileges of rich families have not prevented eight houses from being lost in the area and another 7,000 are under threat of becoming ashes , according to authorities. Ralph Terrazas, the Los Angeles fire chief, explained this morning that his men are having to make the difficult decision to save a house in prejudice of another adjoining one. There is no way to reach everyone despite having 1,165 troops on the ground.

And more with the reigning threat of the wind. On Tuesday night, gusts above 80 kilometers per hour were expected at the highest points of the hills that protect neighborhoods such as Bel Air and Westwood. Time is not playing in your favor and at the moment only 5% of the fire has been contained . According to Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, he will not be “for at least two weeks.”

At the moment, the causes of the fire that began Sunday night are unknown. The bushes in the hills near the museum became the perfect fuel for the flames , forcing the highway to be cut 405 hours later, one of the main arteries of the city. Classes have also been suspended at Santa Monica and Malibu schools due to poor air quality and those of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the point chosen by firefighters to establish their control center.

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In addition to the threat of the flames, the neighbors have had to deal with the blackouts. In Los Angeles, some 3,000 people remain without light as a precaution to avoid more fires, a situation that has had to suffer two million people north of the state.

On Monday afternoon, Chad Ebert, a 43-year-old Brentwood neighbor, watched the flames in the distance after leaving his home. “It’s very surreal,” he told a local newspaper. ” It looks like a scene from a movie.”

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