Alerts grow about the end of globalization

Great financial leaders like Larry Fink and Howard Marks believe that the war in Ukraine began the ‘end of an era’. Globalization, as we have known it for the last 30 years, apparently, has its days numbered and the current times will be decisive for the future development of society. This was stipulated this week […]

Presidential: the proposals that Emmanuel Macron could detail in his press conference

This Thursday, March 17, Emmanuel Macron presents thirty flagship measures from his program at a press conference. This is what it should announce. As a real entree in the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron goes on Thursday, March 17 at a press conference show thirty key measures, some of which relative to the leasing of electric […]

The price of gas in Europe has exceeded $3600 per thousand cubic meters

Gas quotations in Europe have reached a historical maximum – at the opening of trading at the ICE exchange the gas price has exceeded for the first time the mark of $3,000 per 1,000 cubic meters and continues to beat records. As of 11:00 a.m. the April futures price for the TTF index of the […]

The British economy is growing at its fastest pace in 80 years

The U.K. economy grew 7.5 percent in the last quarter of 2021 from a year earlier, the fastest growth since 1941. The U.K. economy grew at its fastest pace since World War II last year after a softer-than-expected hit in December. The 7.5 percent growth was the fastest since 1941 and made Britain the fastest […]

China’s power shortage threatens the global auto industry

China’s disruption of magnesium production could shut down global auto industry The energy crisis in China could lead to the shutdown of automobile plants around the world, according to Kommersant, citing an article by the Financial Times. According to the Financial Times, an energy shortage in China forced 35 of 50 magnesium plants in Shaanxi […]

Lithuanian residents are more worried about damage to the economy than in Western Europe

The countries that experienced the worst economic downturn during the crisis – Spain, Greece, Italy, France – are more likely to value the health benefits of restrictions Residents of Lithuania and other Eastern and Central European countries are more likely than residents of the old EU countries to believe that the damage to the economy […]

SpaceX prepares Starship for first orbital flight

The company plans to make its first test flight into orbit from Texas, followed by a landing off the coast of Hawaii. This will be the first flight in which Starship will be mounted on the first stage of the Super Heavy and become a system that is capable of reaching the Moon or Mars […]

wildfire in California

Hell in California: 3,000 people without power, 30,800 hectares razed and 180,000 evacuated

North San Francisco and Los Angeles are the areas most affected by fires throughout the state. More than 60 homes have already been lost, some of them luxury California is burning from north to south in another hellish fall. In just six days of fires, more than 120 structures and 30,800 hectares have been lost , an area more than twice the […]

Before the tomb of Napoleon in Paris dictator or hero of the Revolution

Before the tomb of Napoleon in Paris: dictator or hero of the Revolution?

It is noon and only a handful of tourists and a group of architecture students lurk around Napoleon’s tomb . The only tourist guide gives explanations to a family. He emphasizes the paradoxes of the site: “Impressive but sober”, “a revolutionary under the dome that Louis XIV raised, incarnation of absolutism” … But what catches my attention is this: […]

Argentine Justice changes course and frees prisoners from Kirchner corruption

Argentine Justice changes course and frees prisoners from Kirchner corruption

Before the first, in which Alberto Fernández won, there were 74 ‘K’ prisoners, while now there are 17 There is something that any Argentine has very clear. Justice may well be represented for centuries by a bandaged lady who carries a scale in one hand and a sword in the other, but that is no guarantee […]