lithium revolution

The lithium revolution?: “If there is no popular energy transition, it is useless”

Specialist Bruno Fornillo highlights the need for Argentina to regulate the extraction of the resource, and maintains that capitalist accumulation is the basic problem. According to the Interuniversity Forum of Lithium Specialists, Argentina is the world’s fourth largest producer of this chemical element. In addition, together with Bolivia and Chile, they make up the “Lithium […]

Venezuela and Iran

Venezuela and Iran strengthen cooperation relations in science and technology

The president stressed that Iran is an example of progress, of recovery in science and technology. The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, highlighted on Thursday the progress made in strengthening cooperation relations with Iran in areas such as science and technology. Within the framework of the I Iran-Venezuela Scientific, Technological and Industrial Expo, the […]

planta de metanol verde

Viridi invests 220 million in a green methanol plant in Arcos de la Frontera

SolWinHy Cádiz is the name of the project for a green methanol plant in the Cadiz municipality of Arcos de la Frontera promoted by Viridi Energías Renovables España, a subsidiary of the German company Viridi, and Green Enesys Group. The name alludes to the sun, wind and hydrogen, the three energy sources that come together […]

Greenland rare earths

Greenland, a new eldorado for rare earths

The subsoil of the largest island in the world is full of metals used in armaments and the energy transition, arousing the appetite of investors on the planet. For the territory, the challenge is both geopolitical and environmental. In Greenland, start-ups are snapping up geologists rather than developers. The minerals of one of the rare […]

Shanghai prepares more COVID-19 tests

Shanghai prepares more COVID-19 tests amid new restrictions across China

Numerous Chinese cities are adopting new COVID-19 restriction measures, from business shutdowns to lockdowns, to curb new infections, as the Shanghai shopping mall prepares for another mass testing campaign after detecting the sub-variant of Omicron BA.5. As China clings to its “proactive zero-contagion” policy to quickly stamp out all outbreaks, the stringent curbing measures by […]

Here is the first solar panel that can generate electricity at night

Here is the first solar panel that can generate electricity at night

Researchers have succeeded in modifying solar panels to generate electricity at night. Although the production is lower, it would allow isolated sites to use low-power equipment without depending on batteries. Solar panels are one of the main sources of renewable energy. Their biggest flaw is not producing power at night. Most often, this production is […]

Netflix launches “The Squid Game” reality show with the biggest prize pool in history

Netflix is recruiting applicants from around the world to participate in a television reality show based on its most successful series, Squid Game. The new show will be called Squid Game: The Challenge. There will be 456 participants, and of course, it will no longer be life or death as in the South Korean drama. […]

JBS Foods cyberattack exposed industry vulnerabilities to Russian hackers

JBS Foods cyberattack exposed industry vulnerabilities to Russian hackers

Australia’s food supply is clearly vulnerable to cyberattacks, the director of a national cybersecurity firm warned, urging the industry to raise its standards on the anniversary of the JBS ransomware hack. Last year, Russian hackers demanded an $11 million ransom from JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat processor. The cyberattack halted the company’s global operations […]

Alerts grow about the end of globalization

Great financial leaders like Larry Fink and Howard Marks believe that the war in Ukraine began the ‘end of an era’. Globalization, as we have known it for the last 30 years, apparently, has its days numbered and the current times will be decisive for the future development of society. This was stipulated this week […]

Attention, your netflix account could soon cost you a little more expensive

The streaming service is looking for solutions to avoid punishing those who share the passwords of their account, adding features. Netflix wants to crack down … through the wallet. The American company is confronted more and more to unruly users who share their passwords to avoid subscribing to the upper subscription. In fact, Netflix offers […]