United Kingdom bookstores

In the United Kingdom, bookstores are multiplying and making people dream

The pandemic has sparked vocations, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Booksellers Association, which brings together British booksellers, reports a rising number of members, having reached its highest level for the past ten years. A similar phenomenon is observed in the United States and France. Across the Channel, booksellers are popular. According to BA […]

UK wonders where its workers have gone

UK wonders where its workers have gone

A recent report entitled “Where have all the workers gone?” puts the number of workers missing at 565,000. It is the Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords which is at the origin of this report, published on December 20. We learn in particular that more than half a million Britons have left the […]

German industry cuts gas consumption by 20%

German industry cuts gas consumption by 20%

The consumption of natural gas in Germany in recent months has significantly decreased both among households and in the private sector – in October alone, the industry consumed blue fuel by 19% less. Against the backdrop of a freeze in Russian gas supplies and the resulting energy crisis, consumption in Germany in October fell by […]

The price of gas in Europe has exceeded $3600 per thousand cubic meters

Gas quotations in Europe have reached a historical maximum – at the opening of trading at the ICE exchange the gas price has exceeded for the first time the mark of $3,000 per 1,000 cubic meters and continues to beat records. As of 11:00 a.m. the April futures price for the TTF index of the […]

The British economy is growing at its fastest pace in 80 years

The U.K. economy grew 7.5 percent in the last quarter of 2021 from a year earlier, the fastest growth since 1941. The U.K. economy grew at its fastest pace since World War II last year after a softer-than-expected hit in December. The 7.5 percent growth was the fastest since 1941 and made Britain the fastest […]

Lithuanian residents are more worried about damage to the economy than in Western Europe

The countries that experienced the worst economic downturn during the crisis – Spain, Greece, Italy, France – are more likely to value the health benefits of restrictions Residents of Lithuania and other Eastern and Central European countries are more likely than residents of the old EU countries to believe that the damage to the economy […]

At what age should I open a pension plan

At what age should I open a pension plan?

Many people think of this savings product as a decision to make at maturity or at the end of their working life. However, as experts advise, the key is to hire it as soon as possible to make it truly profitable. 98% of Spaniards are “very concerned” about the sustainability of the public pension system. However, most […]

Six tricks to save paperwork if you are autonomous

One of the many problems faced by an autonomous in Spain is the large amount of bureaucracy with which he has to fulfill in the normal development of his activity and on which he must always be up to date. The Spanish self-employed are, among Europeans, the ones that more amount of “paperwork” have to face on […]

PortCastello will allocate 26.3 million of the 2020 budget to investments and plans to tender the intermodal station

PortCastello will allocate 26.3 million of the 2020 budget to investments and plans to tender the intermodal station

This amount means multiplying by nine investments since 2015, when 3.04 million were allocated. The tender for the intermodal station and southern rail access is also contemplated, two projects to which 2.3 million will be allocated. The Port Authority of Castellón (APC) has agreed with the Public Organization Puertos del Estado (OPPE) its Business Plan for 2020 which […]