Investment of UK Companies

Survey Reveals Tax Hikes Leading to Deferred Investment in Nearly Half of UK Companies

Approximately 50% of medium-sized companies in the UK intend to postpone their investment plans in response to the recent increase in corporation tax. Economists attribute the sluggish growth in British productivity and living standards over the past decade, in part, to limited business investment. One contributing factor to this issue is the concern expressed by […]

A cyclist rides near British Steel's Scunthorpe factory in North Lincolnshire

Britain’s Mass “Relocation”

In response to uncertain geopolitical conditions, manufacturing companies are expediting the process of “relocalization” in their supply chains, opting to rely more on local suppliers A recent study by Make UK, a prominent industry lobby, sheds light on the significant challenges faced by companies in their supply chains. Rising costs and geopolitical uncertainty have exerted […]

The robots in the London warehouse

This London warehouse is manned by an army of 2,000 robots

Driven by an algorithm, a fleet of 2,000 robots operates in a warehouse located in London to collect up to two million food items per day, a rate that is five times faster than a skilled human worker. The London-based warehouse can be described as a robotic supermarket, spanning over an area larger than three […]

Vegetables at Portobello Road Market in London

Britain is running out of salad

Some British supermarket chains are rationing lettuce. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg According to government and industry officials, a dearth of salad ingredients, including tomatoes, in the country is attributable to unfavorable weather conditions in southern Europe and north Africa, which have impacted harvests, as well as rising energy costs affecting farmers […]

hydrogen in Great Britain

Will there be hydrogen in gas in Great Britain?

Amidst Europe’s “zero net emission” goal and Great Britain’s aspiration for energy independence, the country has decided to accelerate its pursuit of hydrogen (H2). This involves revising its targets for renewable production and increasing its ambitions for injecting H2 into the network. The use of hydrogen (H2) in Great Britain, and other places, remains relatively […]

Record rise in UK wages did not offset the impact of inflation

Record rise in UK wages did not offset the impact of inflation

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average wages of workers in the United Kingdom increased by 6.7% in the fourth quarter of 2022. This marks the largest increase in the entire historical series outside the pandemic period. However, despite the increase in wages, employees continued to experience a decline in purchasing power […]


What revolution can the Metaverse make in 2023?

The Metaverse revolution is poised to change the way various industries operate in 2023 and beyond, offering immersive and interactive customer connections that have the potential to completely transform marketing and branding strategies. Investment in metaverse projects has already reached over $120 billion in the first five months of 2022, following a total investment of […]

UK plans its first nuclear fusion reactor by 2040

UK plans its first nuclear fusion reactor by 2040

STEP plans to utilize magnetic confinement technology where the atomic nuclei of hydrogen are combined to produce helium, releasing a large amount of energy in the process. The United Kingdom has declared its intention to construct its initial prototype of a nuclear fusion reactor by 2040, with the aim of showcasing the ability of this […]

The UK is promoting the recycling of plastic bottles

The UK is promoting the recycling of plastic bottles and cans through a bonding system

Scotland paved the way in 2022, now it’s time for Wales, England, and Northern Ireland to advance the recycling of plastic bottles and cans through a deposit system. However, implementation will only begin in 2025. The goal is to decrease the amount of beverage containers waste by at least 85% within three years. This is […]

United Kingdom bookstores

In the United Kingdom, bookstores are multiplying and making people dream

The pandemic has sparked vocations, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Booksellers Association, which brings together British booksellers, reports a rising number of members, having reached its highest level for the past ten years. A similar phenomenon is observed in the United States and France. Across the Channel, booksellers are popular. According to BA […]