The UK is promoting the recycling of plastic bottles

The UK is promoting the recycling of plastic bottles and cans through a bonding system

Scotland paved the way in 2022, now it’s time for Wales, England, and Northern Ireland to advance the recycling of plastic bottles and cans through a deposit system. However, implementation will only begin in 2025. The goal is to decrease the amount of beverage containers waste by at least 85% within three years. This is […]

Europe's defense industry was ill-prepared for the current conditions

Politico: Europe’s defense industry was ill-prepared for the current conditions

The European defense industry turned out to be ill-prepared for the current conditions. Politico writes about it. Europe’s efforts to upgrade its armaments have been insufficient and have shown that the peacetime defense sector is ill-equipped to supply weapons in response to emerging threats. The armed forces are chronically short of funds. The publication points […]

lithium revolution

The lithium revolution?: “If there is no popular energy transition, it is useless”

Specialist Bruno Fornillo highlights the need for Argentina to regulate the extraction of the resource, and maintains that capitalist accumulation is the basic problem. According to the Interuniversity Forum of Lithium Specialists, Argentina is the world’s fourth largest producer of this chemical element. In addition, together with Bolivia and Chile, they make up the “Lithium […]

Greenland rare earths

Greenland, a new eldorado for rare earths

The subsoil of the largest island in the world is full of metals used in armaments and the energy transition, arousing the appetite of investors on the planet. For the territory, the challenge is both geopolitical and environmental. In Greenland, start-ups are snapping up geologists rather than developers. The minerals of one of the rare […]

AGA Parts Co. offers reliable spare parts for heavy machinery produced by 90 international manufacturers

AGA Parts (Brooklyn, NY) supplies genuine and aftermarket spare parts for special-purpose machinery produced by leading manufacturers: Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Hitachi, CNH, Atlas Copco, John Deere, Volvo, Sandvik, and JCB. AGA Parts offers an online catalog featuring extensive part number lists. Its auto-search system based on part numbers enables instant search of specific parts for […]

China’s power shortage threatens the global auto industry

China’s disruption of magnesium production could shut down global auto industry The energy crisis in China could lead to the shutdown of automobile plants around the world, according to Kommersant, citing an article by the Financial Times. According to the Financial Times, an energy shortage in China forced 35 of 50 magnesium plants in Shaanxi […]

The Japanese have created an unmanned electric tractor

Japanese heavy equipment company Kubota has unveiled a prototype of an unmanned agricultural tractor. The new machine, designed to make farmers’ work easier, has been named the X Tractor, according to the company. Since 2016, Kubota has been participating in the government’s farmer support program. The program involves the gradual replacement of retiring agricultural workers […]

BotRide, Hyundai driverless carsharing

It will start operating from November 4 in Irvine (California) with several units of the electric Kona. The carsharing or car sharing is a form of alternative mobility settled in cities like Madrid. But it is not yet a profitable business. All brands say “you have to be there” and point out several formulas to […]

use your car lights

Do you know how to use your car lights correctly?

The ‘Auto’ option contributes to a more comfortable ride, as it activates the dipped beam automatically. When it comes to getting behind the wheel, it is very important to see clearly, but also to be seen. In certain situations, car lights play a fundamental role, you have to know when to put them on and which lights are more […]

The C4 Cactus saloon and the new Citroën C5 Aircross SUV

Advanced Comfort, the most comfortable seats of Citroën

The C4 Cactus saloon and the new Citroën C5 Aircross SUV offer the main comfort seats that the French brand has been pursuing for a century. The new seats are a new reference in the market, an innovation resulting from decades of experience and research in aspects such as ergonomics, safety and modularity. Issue that the […]