The streaming service is looking for solutions to avoid punishing those who share the passwords of their account, adding features.

Netflix wants to crack down … through the wallet. The American company is confronted more and more to unruly users who share their passwords to avoid subscribing to the upper subscription. In fact, Netflix offers three offers: the essential (8.99 euros / month), the standard (13.49 euros / month) and the premium (17.99 euros / month). It is the latter, the most complete, which gives access to the entire platform and with which the subscriber can enjoy four screens (against two for the standard and one for the essentials).

Many subscribe to the essential offer by sharing passwords. So, as Clubic reports, rather than cracking, the Streaming Service thinks about the customer by paying $ 2.99 to the standard and premium members. A test will be conducted initially in Central and South America (Chile, Peru, Costa Rica) by imputing them this amount, but at one time visibly (not monthly).

Transfer of account possible

With this service, users would have access to two sub-accounts, explains Clubic, in order to have personal identifiers and passwords. According to the Director of Innovation Product of the Group, Chengyi Long, account shares “impact the capacity of Netflix to invest in quality content for its users”. Netflix also reflects on the possibility of transferring existing profiles to other accounts so as not to lose your content and tracking your movies and series.

Netflix is ​​therefore rampant, but gently, while the American platform is increasingly competing with Disney +, for example. Last year, tired of these password shares, she had sent warnings to customers to verify that the user lived in the same place as the owner of the account. With this new paying service, it remains to know if the customer will be ready to get their hands in the pocket.

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