Amazon workers watch videos sent by Cloud Cam users

When a user sends a video cut to solve problems, it is analyzed by company workers

Amazon workers view up to 150 recordings made by Cloud Cam , their smart security camera, every day and use this information to improve artificial intelligence algorithms, according to Bloomberg . Only the videos of those who have problems with the tool are seen , although they are not informed that they are analyzed by people on their team.

The company already faced a similar controversy when it was discovered that there were employees who listened to the conversations with Alexa , something that was later discovered that practically all companies also did with a virtual assistant, Google , Microsoft , Apple and Facebook included. The goal was always to improve artificial intelligence so that it understood users.

In this case, the job of those who watch the videos is to discern whether it is a real threat (someone who enters the house without permission, for example) or a false alarm, such as a pet. Bloomberg, who quotes five people who worked on the program or have direct knowledge of it, says that each of these people can watch up to 150 videos between 20 and 30 seconds in one day .

The company said through a spokeswoman that they only watch videos of those who test the service – employees of the company itself – and of those who send the content to solve problems such as incorrect notifications or poor video quality.

The terms of service Cloud Cam ensure that users assign to Amazon the right to “modify your recordings to generate clips Cam Cloud” and “review” them “to provide technical support”.

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You need to access the frequently asked questions page to find out who can see the content: “Only you or the people with whom you have shared your account information (…) unless you choose to send us a clip directly to solve problems” . However, the company does not specify that in this case it will be human and not machines who will see it .

Although in this case the company does not access content without the express consent of the users, it seems to fail to explain who can see this, as evidenced by the fact that the sources consulted by Bloomberg ensure that they sometimes came to see people having sex, although it is not common. The firm, of course, ensures that it takes measures such as banning the use of mobile phones to prevent these videos from leaving its facilities.

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