This Thursday, March 17, Emmanuel Macron presents thirty flagship measures from his program at a press conference. This is what it should announce.

As a real entree in the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron goes on Thursday, March 17 at a press conference show thirty key measures, some of which relative to the leasing of electric cars, downwards inheritance tax, at the RSA conditioned, At the experimentation at school, or the attractiveness of medical trades, tells his entourage. At three weeks of the first round of the presidential election, the president of the president must expose his project for one hour from 15h to the docks of Paris in Aubervilliers, in Seine-Saint-Denis, before answering the questions of the 320 accredited journalists, of which many of the international media.

It will then detail the body of its program, about a hundred measurements, in a 24-page booklet that will be sent by mail to some 6 million homes this weekend. These last days, through his statements or leaks in the press, about twenty flagship proposals have already filtered, as the postponement of the retirement age at 65 years but also, as Le Figaro on Wednesday night revealed, a Decrease in inheritance tax.

An abatement on direct online successions at 150,000 euros against 100,000 currently

Emmanuel Macron will suggest this Thursday, says the daily, to increase the abatement on direct online successions at 150,000 euros versus 100,000 euros currently, while expanding the regime of direct online heirs to the children of spouses. And for the successions in indirect lines, he suggests bringing the allowance to 100,000 euros on small and medium-sized successions. The president-candidate had previously unveiled other proposals as the introduction of 30 minutes of daily sports at primary school or the removal of the TV fee.

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Another measure evoked, this time on TF1 this week: the possibility for modest homes to acquire leasing an electric car. It should also present measures to combat medical deserts, an RSA conditioning at hours of activity, initiatives for the ecological transition but also to increase sovereignty for research and industrialization. Not to mention experimentation for the autonomy of schools, already sketched in Marseille in February.

An automatic payment of social benefits

“On education it will be a great chamboule all that will surprise. There is, for example, the idea that the educational project is not the same in Paris and in the northern districts of Marseille”, promises a loved one. The President LREM of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand affirmed Monday that an automatic payment of social benefits on the model of the Source debit “will be implemented” in the event of a second term.

“The idea is to go to a single payment through universal activity, accompanied by homework”, specifies a loved one. As a candidate, Emmanuel Macron wants to continue to be a force of proposal, although his international agenda and the war in Ukraine led him to limit to the portion of his travels, aroused the criticisms of his opponents. “Emmanuel Macron will be keen to show that the Macronism DNA is still there. There will be surprises both on the tone and on the measures,” a majority framework on Wednesday.

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