The new Skoda Octavia 2020 reveals itself with camouflage 'suit'

With new exterior design and Matrix full LED headlights, plus a more technological interior with digital displays

First they were sketches of the sedan version and now the brand shows us the first camouflage photos of the family version of the new Skoda Octavia , the middle saloon of the Czech manufacturer that is about to release its fourth generation.

The new ‘flagship’ of Skoda, which will be presented in November and will arrive on the market in spring, grows in size throughout and across, as can be seen in the images of the Combi (family) version revealed by the brand. Despite the camouflage, the change in exterior design with a sharper front, a completely new grille, larger wheels and a rear end similar to that of the new Czech SUVs is evident.

The front and rear headlights are also narrower and employ modern Led technology. In the top-of-the-range version, the Octavia is equipped with Matrix full Led headlights , the system that generates a beam of light from several independent segments and allows the long lights to be permanently on without dazzling the rest of the road users. Using the camera on the windshield, Octavia’s intelligent technology detects vehicles that are approaching or that are ahead, as well as people and objects that reflect the light. In the back, another novelty is the dynamic flashers.

The interior is much more modern with two 10-inch digital screens , one for the Virtual Cockpit (the digital and customizable dashboard) and another for the infotainment system in the center of the dashboard, with a new tactile sliding button with which You can adjust the volume with one finger and zoom in on the navigation map using two fingers. Also new is the ‘head-up display’ , which projects the information on speed and navigation on the windshield.

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Under the hood we will find a wide variety of engines: gasoline, diesel, CNG and also plug-in hybrid technology and ‘mild-hybrid’ (microhybrids). The TSI of gasoline are offered in three levels of power: 110, 150 and 190 hp . When equipped with a 7-speed DSG transmission, the first two employ a 48 V starter motor driven by a belt and a 48 V lithium-ion battery, which means microhybridization.

For the first time, the Octavia is offered in a plug-in hybrid version, on the 1.4 TSI petrol engine, with two power levels: 204 and 245 hp . Both variants will come with 6-speed DSG. As for diesel, three new 2.0 TDI engines with powers of 115, 150 and 200 hp are offered . Depending on the brand, they emit up to 80% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) thanks to the diesel particulate filter and the double dosage of AbBlue.

The fourth generation of the Octavia will also offer a CNG model with 130 hp of power that will produce, according to the brand, 25% less CO2 than a gasoline car. The three natural gas tanks will have a total capacity of 17.7 kg plus a 9-liter fuel tank.

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