wildfire in California
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Hell in California: 3,000 people without power, 30,800 hectares razed and 180,000 evacuated

North San Francisco and Los Angeles are the areas most affected by fires throughout the state. More than 60 homes have already been lost, some of them luxury California is burning from north to south in another hellish fall. In just six days of fires, more than 120 structures and 30,800 hectares have been lost , an area more than twice the …

Before the tomb of Napoleon in Paris dictator or hero of the Revolution
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Before the tomb of Napoleon in Paris: dictator or hero of the Revolution?

It is noon and only a handful of tourists and a group of architecture students lurk around Napoleon’s tomb . The only tourist guide gives explanations to a family. He emphasizes the paradoxes of the site: “Impressive but sober”, “a revolutionary under the dome that Louis XIV raised, incarnation of absolutism” … But what catches my attention is this: …


“We want to acquire a large company that complements us”

The executive vice president of Brembo, brake firm, announces that it goes shopping Brembo , the brake specialist company, has gone shopping. “We have a sound financial structure to deal with this acquisition.” in the words of its executive vice president, Matteo Tiraboschi . Brembo is the supplier of the brakes of practically 100% of the world’s high-end vehicles. Regarding its …

The new Skoda Octavia 2020 reveals itself with camouflage 'suit'

The new Skoda Octavia 2020 reveals itself with camouflage ‘suit’

With new exterior design and Matrix full LED headlights, plus a more technological interior with digital displays First they were sketches of the sedan version and now the brand shows us the first camouflage photos of the family version of the new Skoda Octavia , the middle saloon of the Czech manufacturer that is about to release its fourth generation. The …