development of science and technology in Hanoi

Developing the science and technology market is one of Hanoi’s key tasks. To protect intellectual property rights, modernize infrastructure, boost human resources and intermediary institutions, the city is implementing many policies and measures.

Together with other relevant organizations, the city’s Science and Technology Department has implemented policies on technology management, market and business development in the sector. Every year, it effectively plans and deploys events such as Techmart, Techdemo, Techfest, research projects at all levels. For the city, scientific and technological products are real commodities.

“Types of goods are becoming more diverse and abundant. Forms of transactions are also more diverse, including purchase and sale contracts, acquisition of property rights, use of industrial property objects , transactions related to technology transfer…”, estimated Associate Pr.-Dr. Pham Thi Huyên, head of the Department of Marketing at the National University of Economics. However, according to her, Hanoi’s science and technology market has not developed commensurately with its potentials and advantages.

So, Hanoi must continue to improve four links: sellers, buyers, intermediary organizations, judicial institutions. “In recent years, the four aforementioned entities have experienced a positive change. However, it is not enough for the market to develop to its potential,” commented Ms. Huyên.

Concretely, the People’s Committee of the city has promulgated a program for the development of the science and technology market by 2030. Six solutions have been proposed. This involves improving the legal environment to support the development of this market; the expansion of demand, the improvement of the capacity of companies to master and innovate in technologies; the development of the offer, of intermediary organizations; the strengthening of promotional activities and finally the training of human resources.

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The city also continues to complete the science, technology and innovation information system and database, develop services on technology assessment, brokerage, technology transfer, intellectual property , etc.

At the same time, it is studying the establishment of a trading room for this sector in Hanoi, then a national trading room in this area linking the major technological centers of the region and the world. The city must also conduct statistics on technological resources, develop maps and roadmaps for technological innovation in priority areas, strengthen international cooperation, organize national and international events…

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