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The ‘Auto’ option contributes to a more comfortable ride, as it activates the dipped beam automatically.

When it comes to getting behind the wheel, it is very important to see clearly, but also to be seen. In certain situations, car lights play a fundamental role, you have to know when to put them on and which lights are more suitable depending on the time and weather conditions.

With the hourly change, it gets dark earlier and the hours of night driving increase.

The 30% of accidents in Europe occur at night, therefore, proper lighting is critical for driving in low visibility situations.

From Seat they explain some tips to correctly use the car lighting system.

Without fear of the long: long or road lights are necessary when we need to illuminate a large space in front of the car. You just have to use them at night and on poorly lit roads. Whenever a vehicle is glimpsed in front or in the opposite direction, it must be turned off so as not to dazzle and impair the driver’s vision. “Many drivers do not use these lights for fear of dazzling another vehicle. That is why the road light assistant is very useful , ”explains Maite Paris, head of SEAT front lighting. This system detects the presence of vehicles in both directions and changes from long to short automatically depending on the circumstances.

The use of short films: these are the basic lights and their function is to illuminate the meters near the car. They are mandatory at night and in situations of poor visibility such as tunnels, rain or fog. The ‘Auto’ option  “contributes to a more comfortable ride, since it activates the dipped beam automatically,” says this engineer.

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Led lights: this type of lighting is more like daylight than the one emitted by a halogen lamp. With the incorporation of this light source, “we have not only saved in consumption and gained in comfort , but we have also improved in safety, ” concludes Maite Paris.

Courtesy light: it is the most discreet of all. Although it is not prohibited, “it is advisable not to use it for a long time to pay maximum attention to the road,” explains Maite Paris.

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